Mark Smolinski is a stuntman and actor that started training in martial arts in 2001 and improv comedy in 2008. His comedic acting actually started years before in the Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout), entertaining peers while acting out skits at the camp fire. He started formal acting training in 2012 with Diaan Ainslee. He loves film making, but also has a knack for stage work.

Mark started with improv comedy at the UCB Theatre in New York City. There he worked through 4 levels of classes and went on to join an independent improv comedy team called Ghost Fight. Ghost Fight has monthly shows in New York City, and is produced by Shortened Attention Span.

Mark’s martial arts training started in Cincinnati, OH with a style called Kenpo. He reached a blue belt in the Tracy Kenpo Karate school. At Kent State University he trained in Shotokan karate, while earning his BA in philosophy. Upon moving to New York City, he started training in Kung Fu and Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu. He is a member of Takumakai based out of Osaka, Japan. The U.S. affiliate is Yushinkan, based in Brooklyn, NY.